iPhone 14 series: will iPhone 14 be made in India, what are the preparations?

Apple has recently launched the iPhone 14 series. Under the iPhone 14 series, the company has launched iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

There is a good news for Indian customers. Apple has said that the production of the iPhone 14 series is being started in India. Although this is not the first.. Even before this, Apple has been assembling the iPhone in India.

Notably, only one smartphone in the iPhone 14 line-up in India will be the iPhone 14 assemble. The Pro models will not be assembled in India.
The company Apple’s new iPhone 14 will be made in India. After China, India is the world’s largest smartphone market, Apple is expected to grow its business rapidly from this market. The company started manufacturing in India in 2017 with the iPhone SE. It is making advanced iPhone devices in India including the iPhone SE, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 has also been added to this.

Where will the iPhone be made in India?

In a media report, sources have been told that the Made in India iPhone 14 will start reaching the customers in the country in the next few days. These forces made in the country will also be exported. It will be manufactured at Foxconn’s plant, the largest global contract electronics manufacturer and major iPhone assembler, in Sriperumbudur near Chennai.

The iPhone 14 was launched on 7 September. It is available to customers in the US as well as India from September 16.

The demand for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has increased in the last few days. Because of this, Apple has asked Foxconn, which is contract manufacturing these phones, to increase production.

iPhone 14 series

which model of iPhone 14 series will be assembled in India

Only one smartphone of the iPhone 14 series in India will be the iPhone 14 assemble. Pro models will not be assembled in India. Let us tell you that production does not mean that iPhones will be made in India, but they will be assembled here. Parts will still be imported from other countries, with most parts coming from China. Because parts are not made in India.

Will the assemble iPhone 14 series price in India go down?

The iPhone 14, launched this month, costs Rs 79,900 in India. Now that the iPhone 14 is going to be made in India, the question is, will the price of this iPhone model fall in the country?

By making the iPhone in India, the company that makes it, i.e. Apple, will save 20 percent on import duty. This savings may affect the price of the later iPhone 14 series model, but the prices are not likely to see any change for the time being. It is rare that the Apple company cuts the price of its iPhone according to the local market. You can see past experience. Apple has not officially cut the prices of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 when these models are assembled in India.

Features of iPhone 14 series mobiles

The biggest change in the iPhone has been seen this time in the design and camera features of the device and the Pro models are better in terms of specifications. The Pro models have seen many changes and its hardware has also been improved. At the same time, upgrades have also been made to the standard and plus models of the iPhone. This year Apple has not launched the Mini model. In the new models, the company has brought crash-detection and satellite connectivity as safety features.-

iPhone 14-

Apple iPhone 14 will continue to get the same notch as before and it has the same design as the iPhone 13. Its display size is 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR display with ceramic shield protection. And with the iOS 16 update, users will get new features. A15 Bionic chipset has been given in the new device.

camera features– Talking about camera features, two camera lenses have been given on the rear panel of iPhone 14. It has a 12MP camera sensor and its low-light performance has improved by 49 percent. Wide shots can be taken with the second ultra-wide sensor. The 12MP True Depth camera on the front panel of the iPhone 14 comes with autofocus.

iPhone 14 plus

The display size of the iPhone 14 Plus has been kept at 6.7 inches and it is also a Super Retina XDR display with ceramic shield protection. The company is promising a better battery in the iPhone 14 Plus model. The rest of its features are similar to the iPhone 14 and there are many differences between the two. All the new iPhone models come with 5G connectivity support and users are getting an easy option of e-SIM.

camera features-The dual camera system is also available in the iPhone 14 Plus, which includes a second ultra-wide camera lens in addition to the 12MP main sensor. For low-light performance, Apple’s Photonic Engine will now work, giving twice as much low-light performance as with the front and ultra-wide cameras and 2.5 times better than the main camera. Users are getting better stabilization in videos.

iPhone 14 pro-

In the iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple has replaced the notch with a pill-shaped cut-out and Apple is calling this space Dynamic Island. With the help of software, notifications and controls will be shown specially on the cut-out. Due to which it is attracting the iPhone user towards itself. The iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch display with Always On Display support. Apple A16 Bionic chipset has been given in the new phone, which is said to be the fastest processor found in any smartphone.

camera features-The camera system with three sensors has been given in the iPhone 14 Pro. It has a 48MP camera with quad pixel sensor and 12MP ultra-wide lens. Apple company has given a 48MP camera. The company is giving users the option of photography in ProRAW mode, which can be captured in 48MP and will store all the data. iPhone 14 Pro users will also get the option of better zoom. With the Action Video feature, users can record stable 4K videos.

iPhone 14 pro max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max sports a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display with a peak outdoor brightness of 2000nits. With Always On Display, users will now be able to see the time and other important information without having to unlock the device. This device has come with Apple A16 chipset, with which it is claimed to get better camera performance and power backup. The A16 gets a new Display Engine, with which the battery life can be increased even more.

camera features-Apple claims that with the new 48MP triple camera, everyone from ordinary users to professionals will be able to do high-quality photography. It has been said to get up to double better output in low-light. Users have also been given a new 2X telephoto option. Better macro photography can be done with the ultra-wide lens and the company has also made improvements in the flash hardware. Apple has also given the option of cinematic videography to the users.

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