5G launched in India: PM Narendra Modi launched 5G service in 13 cities

5G launched in India– In India, 5G Today, 5G phone services were launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With this, a new era of mobile, ultra-high-speed internet in India has begun. From the platform of the India Mobile Congress 2022 programme held in Delhi, PM launched this service in 13 specific cities across the nation.

5G internet services will spread throughout India during the coming years. By 2035, it’s expected that India would have spent 450 billion US dollars on 5G services. Fifth generation, or 5G, service is anticipated to enable Indian society as a revolutionary force to unleash new economic prospects and social advantages. 5G service is capable of enabling ultra-high-speed internet.

5G launched in India: Which cities will get 5G facility first?

In India, 13 major cities—Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune—will participate in the first phase of the 5G deployment. Telecom Talk, on the other hand, asserted in its research that 5G will change the game, but it will do so gradually for all of the nation’s users. Four locations—Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai—will serve as Jio’s launch points. Users in some areas of Delhi will be able to access 5G after its introduction. Every user in Delhi and the other cities listed won’t experience full 5G speed right now. Because of this, even if telecoms introduce 5G pricing, they won’t differ significantly from 4G tariffs.

Or there’s a chance that 5G will be made available in addition to the 4G plan. The subscriber’s location and the quality of his network coverage could also be determining

5G launched in India

When will India have access to 5G technology?

The goal of Reliance Jio is to put out 5G as quickly as possible. By the end of 2023, the business hopes to provide 5G service throughout India. Similar to this, Airtel wants to cover the entire country of India by 2024. Vi will base its 5G rollout, among other things, on customer demand and competitiveness. In the near future, the corporation also intends to raise the tariff prices for its network plans.

5G launched in India

How different will 5g be compared to 4g?

In terms of technical standards, 4G is the fourth generation, whereas 5G will be the fifth. In terms of data rate, 4G will offer 1 Gbps, while 5G will offer 10 Gbps. Data bandwidth in 5G will range from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, as opposed to 2Mbps to 1Gbps in 4G. indicating that 5g will be up to 10 times faster than 4g.

What will be the benefit of 5G technology?

  • It is anticipated that 5G technology will increase mobile internet speed by ten times over 4G.
  • Using robots in the hotel and hospitality industry will also be possible.
  • It is possible to carry out the driverless car and driverless metro operations that are currently being tested.
  • The employment of drones in the agricultural industry is effective. Additionally, weather information will be anticipated with greater accuracy and distributed to the stakeholders more quickly.
  • More technology will be used in healthcare services. The usage of robots in the medical industry will rise along with telemedicine in this. It is also possible to arrange for the use of videoconferencing technology for the treatment of dangerous diseases in isolated rural and mountainous places.
  • Education and research will start producing better and more rapid results as internet speeds and connectivity increase.
  • Will aid in the advancement of virtual reality. This can help to promote virtual tourism.

5G launched in India

What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi say on the launch of 5G?

If the government works with the right intention, then it does not take long to change the intentions of the citizens: PM Modi-

According to the Prime Minister, today we should be small business owners, local artists, and artisans because Digital India has provided a platform and a market for everyone. If you visit a local market or vegetable market today, even a modest street vendor will advise you to use “UPI” instead of cash. This adjustment demonstrates how thinking is empowered when comfort is available. Friends, the transformation the nation is currently seeing in the telecom sector is evidence of this. If the government operates with the right objectives, then changing the citizens’ intentions will not require much effort.

5G launched in India

A handful of elite class people doubted the ability of the poor: PM Modi

PM Modi said, there was a time when a handful of elite class people doubted the ability of poor people. He suspected that poor people would not even understand the meaning of digital. But I have always had faith in the understanding of the common man of the country, in his conscience, in his inquisitive mind. The government itself went ahead and made the path of Digital Payments easy. The government itself promoted citizen centric delivery service through the app. Whether it is about farmers, or small shopkeepers, we have given them a way to meet their daily needs through the app. We cannot ignore the strength of our country.

5G launched in India

People laughed at my idea of becoming ‘Self-reliant India’, but it has happened: PM Modi

PM Modi said- People laughed at my idea of becoming a ‘self-reliant India’, but it has already happened. It is reducing electronic costs. In 2014, India had only 2 mobile manufacturing facilities, today the number has increased to over 200.

Earlier the cost of 1GB data was around Rs 300, it has become Rs 10 per GB – PM Modi

PM Modi said that earlier the price of 1GB data was about Rs 300, which has now come down to Rs 10 per GB. On an average, a person consumes 14GB per month in India. Its cost used to be around Rs 4200 per month in 2014, but now it cost Rs 125-150. This has happened due to the efforts of our government.

  • Our government is working on the goal of Internet for All – PM Modi
  • The success of Digital India is based on 4 pillars: PM Modi
  • India is setting global standards in telecom technology for the first time, leading: PM Modi
  • India was dependent on other countries for technology at the time of 2G, 3G, 4G, but created history with 5G: PM Modi
  • 5G is the knock of a new era at the door of the country, is the beginning of the infinite sky of opportunities: PM Modi
  • Today is a historic day, 5G technology will bring revolution in the telecom sector: PM Modi

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